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iGEM Dundee 2013 · ToxiMop

Project Description

Sumbawa honey is one of the best honeys in Indonesia. It has become trade mark of Sumbawa and also the main source of income for people of Sumbawa. According to National Standard of Indonesian, honey quality determined based on the quantity of glucose level in the honey. The honey control quality on farmer level was done based on the physical appearance which is not suitable with the industrial standard. Laboratory based on chemical analysis giving the best result measurement but either time or money consuming, it also gives difficulties for the farmer to use. Our team goal was to accommodate the necessity of glucose monitoring level of the Sumbawa honey by create a simple method and device which could be easily applied in the farmer level.

ECONEY is a genetic engineering of E.coli plasmid with capability to detect different level of glucose concentration in Sumbawa honey by emitting light as the expression of RFP protein, when it placed in the environment contains wide range of glucose. The color expression measurement then transform into smart mobile phone application in order to ease people in measuring glucose level of honey. The color expression of RFP in several dilution of Sumbawa honey used as the standard. In the future ECONEY are expected to become the device that can measure the authenticity of Sumbawa honey.