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Everyone should get the gratitude for what he contributes.

No one work alone as a team. One of the iGEM's charm is to work as a team, to move as a team, to exprience the joy and saddness as a team.Therefore,we grow up from this experience and start to understand the meaning of cooperation in a science study. With this chance to present in our wiki, we shall give our best thanks to who helps us,who teaches us, but also most importantly who always stands just besides us.

There's no success or faliure.Only feedbacks.

We write down all the results including wet-lab, modeling and human practice.Those information below will prove some of the possibility of our project.


The data of the lab has been prserved.
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All the cool videos and picture.Only in Modeling.
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Parts is coming in!
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Judging Form

Why do we deserve what we deserve?
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Human Practice

All the joyful moment with other iGEMers
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