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This year, our main focus about human practice is communication. We truly believe that it is the key to bring our iGEMs community dynamic and new ideas. And it is our job to observe others’ opinions as well as to give others advice. Therefore, this is not only our human practice presentation but also prove for the friendship between our team and all the groups or individuals below.

Our first focus is our own school community. After all these years of support from the university, we really want to bring fun activities to help everyone learn the beauty of life and synthetic biology.In April, with the opportunity of school anniversary carnival. We design games about gene codes and biology lab equipment for people to participate. Over 100 people stepped in our tent and enjoy the time with us.

This year we are also lucky to have younger iGEMers’ companion. SFLS iGEM Team recently become an official partner of our team. Our cooperation mainly contains two parts. Based on same focus on membrane, Shenzhen_SFLS Lvdagunr project of 2014 iGEM HS utilized the LGT membrane protein Biobricks BBa_K771107 and BBa_K771102 which is submitted by 2012 SJTU-BioX-Shanghai. Also, one of their teammate, Zhang Yuyin, came to our lab to help out. With the summer visit, we had a lot to share with each other considering the same interest.