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We sincerely thank for all the help given by the research institute of Bio-X. During the whole preparation procedure of the igem competition, Bio-X offered us a great support in all aspects. Thanks to their providing of experimental funds and drugs. Thanks to our supervisor Gang Ma, the professor of Bio-X who supported us with a good experimental condition. Thanks to our instructor Yushu Wang, who spent a lot of time and energy on us, we fought together dealing with all of the hard problems. Without their help and encouragement, we can not held up to the end. And we also give thanks to all other teachers and fellow students who supported us in either experiment or brainstorming in Bio-X. Our whole project is mostly based on their understanding and help!

We sincerely thank for all the help given by Sbanghai Jiao Tong University. Thanks for the substantial support given by our university. Our university gives us logistics support for our whole project.

We sincerely thank for all the help given by School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. During the whole experimentation, School of Life Science and Biotechnology provided us with experimental funds, laboratory and experimental apparatus. We also thank for all the professors who helped us dealing with difficulties in SLSB.

Binhan Hao Primarily in charge of wet lab. Designed Enzyme USB when we need insert target enzyme into our part. Moreover, the most valuable work is that he found out the sticky ends problem with 2012 Freiburg’ project and wrote down a article about the problem.

Renhe Luo Responsible for almost everything in wet lab.

Ziyang Tan Remould the vectors of pBluescript II KS(+)_3_copy and pBluescript II KS(+)_5_copy. Assist in constructing the main part.

Yangyang Li Mainly in charge of enzyme polymerization verification and help with TAL construction as well.

Xiangdong Bu Take part in project designing, do some experiments in wet lab and do a few jobs in dry lab.

Qiao Zhou Responsible for TAL ligation ,protein expression and inverse PCR

Ming Chen Took part in the wet lab part of our project and sometimes helped with the dry lab.

Yaojin Sun Responsible for modeling parts.

Mingzhao Chen Responsible for modeling parts.

Yitian Yao Responsible for modeling parts.

Kang Ren Construct the structure of testing and functional reformed plasmids, insert TAL effectors and test the Crown system.

Xuemin Pan Joined in other team members to do the plasmid construction and was responsible for the purification of target protein.

Yue Shen Took part in the design of our project.

Karin Yaragi,Xingyu Wang,Jiannan Ye,PeiYu Liu,Yaan Ge,Yan Jiang, Jianye Shi Responsible for Human Practice and webpage making.