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This year, we bring MembRing – an annular protein multimerization system in cytomembrane.

This system will help us achieve the goal of selective polymerization of enzymes. Polymerized enzymes, different from normal scattered condition, has much more opportunities to contact with the substrates. Therefore, our project aims to increase as well as control the efficiency of complex reactions.

The basic function, polymerization, is carried out by a circular DNA and DNA-binding protein to polymerize enzymes. First, a fluorescent protein, a transmembrane domain, an enzyme and a DNA binding protein are connected in order, forming a complex that the FP locates outside the film while the enzyme and DNA binding protein are in cytoplasm. Then integrate specific matching DNA sequences onto an exogenous plasmid and co-transform this connecter with expression vectors into E.Coli to associate enzymes.

In addition, we plan to make the enzymes selectable by remolding the connecter with different recognition sequences and co-transforming it with expression vectors. This will help the whole project to work in all kinds of practical applications.