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The Amazing Fluoresce Ice Cream

British boutique ice cream maker Lick Me I'm Delicious (yes, that is the company's real name) recently released a glow-in-the-dark ice cream that uses a luminescent protein from glowing jellyfish. The idea? Lick the ice cream and calcium-activated proteins react by glowing, thanks to differences in your mouth's warmer pH level and the ice cream's more neutral pH.

英国精品雪糕制造商Lick Me I'm Delicious(舔我~我超好吃的哦~ ~(≧▽≦)/~)上市了一款能在黑暗中发光的雪糕。这款雪糕中添加了取自发光水母的发光蛋白,此外,我们的唾液成弱碱性,在舔雪糕的时候,使pH值升高,从而使钙激活蛋白发光。在你舔雪糕的时候,你就会发现雪糕越来越亮啦!(好神奇有木有!)

Be forewarned: a scoop will set you back about $220 in sweet change. Turns out jellyfish protein isn't exactly cheap. But no worries: Charlie Harry Francis, the food scientist who invented the treat, assures foodies that it's safe for consumption. 要提醒大家的是,你需要花费220刀才能吃到这种发光的甜甜的雪糕球,因为提取水母蛋白的成本很高。另外,我们也不必担心食品安全问题,食品科学专家Charlie Harry Francis,同时也是荧光雪糕的发明者,已经确定这种雪糕对消费者来说百分之百安全。

The glowing frozen dessert made us wonder about other instances of luminescence out there. Green fluorescent proteins used in studies aren't just the stuff of mad scientist dreams: it earned the inventor glowing praise and a Nobel Prize in 2008. 这种冷光蛋白也不仅仅只是用于制作酷炫雪糕。绿色荧光蛋白应用于科研邻域早就不是痴人说梦,荧光蛋白的发现者和改造者赢得了2008年的诺贝尔奖。

Now fluorescent proteins have been already widely used in many scientific research fields, especially in biology. In iGEM, fluorescent proteins are usually used as reporters. What are reporters? The answer is that in synthetic biology, they are often used as a mechanism to display information. For example, fluorescent proteins cause a cell to fluoresce when excited with light of a particular wavelength. What’s more, the iGEM team of Tokyo Tech once used fluorescent proteins to create a pen whose ink is the different genetically engineered bacteria. The bacteria can express different fluorescent proteins so that people can use it to draw many colorful paintings.



Reporters are frequently used to quantify the strength or activity of upstream gene expression parts. Reporters, when fused in frame to other protein coding sequences, can also be used to identify where a protein is located in a cell or organism, which is fully reflected in this year’s project of Team SCUT. Our Team will use the cherry,yellow,blue,green and cyan fluorescent proteins to indicate whether our target proteins reach the right positions of the cell.