From last winter holiday, we started our brainstorm which all the team members were involved in. During this period, we shared our ideas, thoughts, and designs with each other and In May, we decided our project. In the following months we finished our design of our proect.

Wetlab work

The wetlab work mainly contains the designing project, selecting genes, and other experiments like cloning, transforming. Almost all the team members participate in these work.

Modeling work

There are 3 persons Wang Nan, Liang Fengyan, and Fang Lin in charge of our modeling work. They come from School of Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Mathematics, respectively.

Wiki building

Xie Weize is responsible for constructing our Wiki website. In the meanwhile, Liang Fengyan, Ron Li, and Zhang Zhilong also participate in this work. The 4 persons instruct us to design and decorate the website and also other members give some favors to them.


Subjects on safety were discussed among the SCU iGEM team. Safety form was finished by Zheng Xu.

Poster & Art designer

Ron Li helps us finish our poster and in the meantime, she is also in charge of giving some advice about the design and decorating. In detail, she draw a whole lot of pictures and signs in our website and Powerpoint. Also, Wang Nan and Zhou Yu give her a great lot of help.

Fluorescence Instruments Operation

Fluorescence microscope and Thermo varioskan flash were operated by Han Kang in the Center of Growth, Metabolism and Aging (CGMA), Sichuan University.

Sichuan university