Team:Paris Saclay/Team


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This year, curious and imaginative students from the department of biology, computer science, physics and chemistry, mathematics and mechanical engineering came together to form the third generation of the team of iGEM Paris-Saclay.


Juliette Chevallier
Sean Choe
Marie Nguyen

Laëtitia Doukhan
Mathias Vétillard

Arnaud Motz
Rémi Franco

Maher Ben Khaled
Mélanie Criqui
Fabio Maschi

Romain Sanson
Eugène Ndyaye
Pierre Roux

Raphaël de Saint-Exupéry
Floriane Cherrier
Mathieu Bousquet

Hoang Vu
Fanny Boulet

Advisors & Instructors

Claire Toffano-Nioche
Philippe Bouloc
Solenne Ithurbide

Alice Devigne

Not forgotten Jean-Luc Pernodet, Sylvie lautru and Olivier Namy ---CA ARRIVE !!!!---


We will also thank Jérémy Brunet, Laura Belot and Meghane Sittewelle for their support in the project implementation.