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''by Mélanie''
''by Mélanie''
===D-Lemon scent===
===Lemon scent===
====Extraction of plasmid (liquide culture of Yesterday)====
====Extraction of plasmid (liquide culture of Yesterday)====

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Lab Work

by Mélanie

Lemon scent

Extraction of plasmid (liquide culture of Yesterday)

and PacI digestion to check another time if we really obtained our plasmid

2409 famous pps3 and pps4.jpg

AND YES it is here ! We had obtained pPS3 and pPS4 !

SalI digestion

In order to obtain pPS5, I digestion by SalI the pPS4 plasmid and the topo-CAD plasmid


ligation of pPS4 and CAD

(transformation will occure on monday)

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