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Lab Work

by Mélanie

D-Lemon Scent

Plasmid extraction

From the liquide culture made Yesterday I do a plasmid extraction.

1009 vérif extraction plasmides.jpg

these clones (LS GS CAD) had sent to sequencing problem with ps


I digest with PacI the plasmid that contain LS and GS

component volume
H2O 5μl
buffer 3μl
PacI 1μl
Plasmid 20μl



Electrophoresis to isolate the insert and purification with a kit = I failed


As we failed to obtain two right extraction for LS, I try another clone so I do a liquide culture of the clones A and B


by Arnaud, Eugène, Juliette and Pierre

Meeting about modeling with advisor Claire to talk about the achievement of our model

  • Diffusion of O2 in the gel : maths is OK but biologist need more drawings.
  • Bacterial growth on the surface : because of the new aspect of our project, we have to change our point of view. Tomorrow, a real discussion with the biologists is needed to understand more precisely what they are doing in the lab.
  • Translecture system : maybe we have to give up this part of our work because of the new project.
  • Diffusion of the limonene : Eugène has focused on the concentration of limonene in the atmosphere.

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