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Lab Work

B-Construction of the fusion protein

'by Hoang Vu'

We picked out white colonies from Xgal-IPTG petri dish and blue colonies found in non Xgal-IPTG petri dish in a petri dish that contain Ampicillin to check if the blue ones are not came from a carrying of Xgal-IPTG during the precedent pick out.

D-Lemon scent

by melanie

Limone synthase

We had a problem to clone LS in pGMETeasy and pPSI. So from the dish of streaking from 26 AugustWe do PCR of all the clones:

We use the Protocol - PCR for bacterial culture and we use the same PCR condition than on the August 8 but with the appropriate Primer and Biobrick.


We check if we have the right insert in our plasmid pPS5 : CAD (cinnalyl alcool deshydrogenase) So we do a PCR in the same condition than August 20

PPS3 and PPS4

We need to work on this plasmid tomorrow so we do some culture from the stock Back to the calendar