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JiangMing XuGuang HuTianli LiWenqi ChenZhaoliang SongYanyan OuyangTianqi ShiMiao ZhengJunqiang ShiWencong BiWenxin YuLei ZhaoBeidi LiBo

Team Introduction

2014 OUC-China is made up of 15 students from Ocean University of China. Our members are from different colleges, majoring in biology, biochemistry, ecology etc. Our team got together, trying to figure out what we could do with synthetic biology. At the beginning of our project, we were all unfamiliar with other members and subjects, and were not sure of what would happen. But we encouraged each other, worked together, and finally overcame difficulties. At the end of this project, we were so proud of the effort we made during the process, and grateful for everyone's work. Now, iGEM is a family to us all.

We appreciate all our instructors and advisors who have assisted us throughout the project. We also appreciate all the others who provided valuable advice and essential materials for the project. If it were not for their help, the project would not have been so successful.

Jiang Ming

Major: Ecology

He is the team leader and he is responsible for the contact with teachers and some wet experiments in our team. He together with Shi Miao, designed and constructed the lysis devices.

Feelings: "You're always optimistic," said Shi Miao, "even excessively." And now I'm dreaming of utilizing the strategy of synthetic biology to create an engineering ecosystem composed of "ecobricks".

Xu Guang

Major: Biotechnology

He is the other team leader, and he played an important role in promoting the progress of project and did much work to help the designers of the molecular experimental about the double plasmid system. He is in charge of time arrangement for wiki, presentation and poster.

Feelings: In the past few months, I have gained much more synthetic biology knowledge and lab skill. So far, joining iGEM is the most exciting thing in my college life. I enjoy this wonderful time. I truly look forward to sharing our group project with iGEMers around the world.

Hobbies: Play basketball, Travel, Play game DOTA2 , Cooking.

HU Tianli

Major: Ecology.

In our team, she manages financial affairs, and she is a wet lab member as well. She wants to try a total scientific research.

Feelings: I think it will be an amazing experience for me, flying to America to attend iGEM giant jamboree.

Hobbies: Modern Chinese literature, Acoustic guitar tune, Sketching.

Li Wenqi

Major: Ecology

She works on design of experiments as well as analysis of experimental results.

Feelings:In the past year, the iGEM competition gave me the opportunity to develop ideas in a group and experience the path from having the idea to the realization of the project and the final presentation of results.This competition gave me a lot of fun and new experiences.

Chen Zhaoliang

Major: Marine Biology

In our lab, he designed most of the experiment about protein and zebrafish.

Feelings:I really enjoyed the iGEM, because I made many friends here.

Hobbies: Aquarium design

Song Yanyan

Major: Ecology

In our team, she is mainly in charge of the experiments and designing the team member module in the wiki.

Feelings: Have a dream and just do it, things will work out fine.

Hobbies: I like to taste different dishes and I love ethnic culture in particular. In addition, travel is a part of my life.

Ouyang Tianqi

Major: Marine Biology

He worked on designing the project and analyzed the problems during the experiments, when the team needed theoretic support. He also searches papers to find evidence.

Feelings: About the iGEM, it's really a good way to find what you can do in synthetic biology, and I can make a lot of friends with the same hobbies.

Hobbies: I play video games as well as dota2.

Shi Miao

Major: Biochemistry

He together with Jiang Ming, designed and constructed the lysis devices.

Feelings: I hope to pursue an Ph.D in the future. Thank you to my team members.

Zheng Junqiang

Major: Marine Biology

He majors in doing experiments and analyzing the results of the experiment.

Feelings: Participating the iGEM provides me with a door to a new world.

Hobbies: playing basketball, running, watching movies, and eating delicious food.

Shi Wencong

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

She works in wet lab.

Feelings: I'm interested in biophysical chemistry. I enjoyed the iGEM 2014 project this summer. Besides, I love art and enjoy cooperating with teammates. I'm willing to make friends with iGEMers all over the world.

Bi Wenxin

Major: Information and computing science

Her main job is to establish and analyse models and she enjoys the process, in which she realized the amazing part of biology.

Feelings: It’s my pleasure to use mathematics I learned to solve biological practical problems. You can get in touch with me by sending e-mails to I will be glad to hear from you.

Yu Lei

Major: Mathematics and applied mathematics.

Biology is one of his favorite subjects, so he is very pleased to be a member of OUC-iGEM. He is responsible for biological modeling and data analysis.

Feelings: I believe we will make good progress after a year of hard working. You are welcome to contact me via e-mail

Zhao Beidi

Major: Marine Technology

She's the main designer of our wiki, and she's also the designer of the poster and other parts that need art design.

Feelings: It's a good opportunity for me to improve my skill of design, and also enhance my interests of the subject called biology.

Hobbies: Swimming, photoshop.

Li Bo

Major: Computer Science and Technology

He's the constructor of our wiki, but not the only designer. He's one of the Microsoft Hyper-V Advisor Staff.

Feelings: Working on this wiki project is a challenge for me. In fact I don't understand why iGEM uses mediawiki to build their website, because wiki framework is not very suitable in this scene. But it's a chance for me to learn how to use this type of wiki framework, so I think it may not be disappointing at all.

Hobbies: Programming, writing novels, watching animation.