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Taipei American School Club Fair

Our team was invited to attend Taipei American School’s club fair on August twenty-sixth. We didn’t hesitate to grasp this great opportunity to promote iGEM and synthetic biology.

During the club fair, our team handed out questionnaires and did our best to explain HOPE to students. The corridors and the campus was crowded with students ranging from elementary school to senior high school. All of which were trying to find a club that matched their hobbies. They liked the idea of not having to brush their teeth. Yet was quite suspicious about whether HOPE would someday come true.

Moreover, we were able to meet some of the iGEMers from Taipei American School. Although the activity only last for about an hour, we had exchanged our lab lives and what we have learned in the past few months. We even stepped up to help introduce the TAS iGEM club to others.

All in all, besides successfully promoting iGEM and our project, visiting TAS was a great experience. The school was quite different from ordinary Taiwanese schools. One of the things we found most interesting was that the students spoke a variety of languages, some of which we could not even recognize.