Team:NJAU China/Biobricks



Part Numbers Brief Description Type
BBa_1555000 The copA promoter wth a GFP reporter Reporter
BBa_1555001 The marO with a GFP reporter Reporter
BBa_1555002 The cueO promoter with a GFP reporter Reporter
BBa_1555003 GFP induced by micro-aerobic Pvgb Measurement
BBa_1555004 The expression of T7 polymerase controlled by copA promoter Generator
BBa_1555005 GSH coding gene activated by T7 promoter Device
BBa_1555006 SgRNA which cooperates with dCAS9 protein can target copA's CDS specifically RNA
BBa_1555007 CopA's 20nt target sequence+sgRNA scaffold RNA
BBa_1555008 CopdCas9+20nt sg-RNA Regulatory
BBa_1555009 P CopA + GFP+ T7 RNA Polymerase Reporter