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The University of Melbourne iGEM team was responsible for almost all aspects of running the team, from purchasing supplies, coming up with the project concept, writing protocols, and executing the lab work. Help received from advisors and others is greatly appreciated and acknowledged below.


Special thanks and attributions go to:

Associate Professor Heung-Chin Cheng

Allowed us to use his lab space and arranged for training on practical procedures, helping with troubleshooting and theory


Associate Professor Paul Gooley, Dr Angus Johnston, and Associate Professor Neil O’ Brien-Simpson

Provided advice on our gene construct and helped us with brainstorming


Daisy Cheng

Assisted the team with laboratory techniques and reviewed our protocols


Students of the Cheng Lab, including

Ashfaqul Hoque, Ah Bong, Gahana Advani, Ken Ang, George Cao, David Zula, and Ya Chee

Provided incredible amount of help in the lab


Pat Shilling and the Gooley Lab

Were a great help in designing experiments and protocols


George Grigorian

Designed the layout of the website


Luke Thorburn and Nic Roumeliotis

Did the amazing videos visible at our website


Members of the Bio21 Proteomics Facility

Ran our samples through mass spectrophotometers and helped us to interpret the data