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  <td scope="row"><a href="">BBa_K1379038</a></td>  
  <td scope="row"><a href="">BBa_K1379038</a></td>  
  <td>J23102-HKUST Key 1-GFP-B0015</td>    
  <td>J23102-HKUST Lock 1-GFP-B0015</td>    

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Riboregulator Parts

Parts that we designed and submitted

Name Type Description Length
BBa_K1379015 RBS RBS(Lock 3C) 12
BBa_K1379018 RNA HKUST Lock 1 45
BBa_K1379019 RNA HKUST Key 1 82
BBa_K1379020 Intermediate Lock 1-GFP-B0015 903
BBa_K1379022 Intermediate Lock 3-GFP-B0015 905
BBa_K1379024 Intermediate Lock 3C-GFP-B0015 905
BBa_K1379026 Intermediate K175031-GFP-B0015 910
BBa_K1379028 Intermediate HKUST Lock 1-GFP-B0015 908
BBa_K1379046 Intermediate Lock 1-GFP-B0015 873
BBa_K1379047 Intermediate Lock 3C-GFP-B0015 875
BBa_K1379048 Measurement J23102-Lock 1-GFP-B0015 2403

Parts that we constructed and submitted

Name Type Description Length
BBa_I0500 Inducible pBad/araC promoter Inducible pBad/araC promoter 1210
BBa_J01010 Riboregulator Lock 1 Biobrick version of Isaacs' riboregulator cis repressed lock, crR12. 40
BBa_J01080 Lock3 Biobrick version of Isaacs' riboregulator cis repressed lock, crR12, and modified version of Riboregulator Lock 1. 40
BBa_J01086 Key3 Biobricked version of Isaacs' riboregulator trans activating key, taR12, and modified version of Riboregulator Key 1. 94
BBa_K175031 Lock for medium RBS (B0032) from the lock/key library TUD09 This biobrick generates a mRNA which forms a secondary structure blocking the (medium) RBS. 47
BBa_K175032 Key for lock of medium (K175031) RBS (B0032) from the lock/key library TUD09 This biobrick generates a mRNA which forms a secondary structure that opens LMR (K175031). 84
BBa_J23080 B0034 derived RBS to match spacing of J01122 RBS spacing modification to [RBS] such that the spacing between the shine-delgarno and the ORF is the same as it is in J01122. 10

Parts that already exist in Parts Registry and are currently under characterization

Name Type Description Length
BBa_J01008 Riboregulator Lock 1 Lock 1 94
BBa_J23031 Lock 3c lock3c 42
BBa_J23008 Key 3c Encodes a short RNA sequence that "unlocks" the biobrick part J01122 (lock3) which is locked RFP. 42

Parts that we designed but did not submit

Name Type Description Length
BBa_K1379021 Intermediate Key 1-B0015 231
BBa_K1379023 Intermediate Key 3-B0015 231
BBa_K1379025 Intermediate Key 3C-B0015 231
BBa_K1379027 Intermediate K175032-B0015 221
BBa_K1379029 Intermediate HKUST Key 1-B0015 219
BBa_K1379030 Measurement J23102-Lock 1-GFP-B0015 946
BBa_K1379031 Intermediate pBad/araC-Key 1 1312
BBa_K1379032 Measurement J23102-Lock 3-GFP-B0015 948
BBa_K1379033 Intermediate pBad/araC-Key 3 1312
BBa_K1379034 Measurement J23102-Lock 3C-GFP-B0015 948
BBa_K1379035 Intermediate pBad/araC-Key 3C 1312
BBa_K1379036 Measurement J23102-K175031-GFP-B0015 953
BBa_K1379037 Intermediate pBad/araC-K175032 1302
BBa_K1379038 Measurement J23102-HKUST Lock 1-GFP-B0015 951
BBa_K1379039 Intermediate pBad/araC-HKUST Key 1 1300
BBa_K1379040 Measurement J23012-Lock 1-GFP-B0015
BBa_K1379041 Measurement J23102-Lock 3-GFP-B0015
BBa_K1379042 Measurement J23102-Lock 3C-GFP-B0015
BBa_K1379043 Measurement J23102-K175031-GFP-B0015
BBa_K1379044 Measurement J23102-HKUST Lock 1-GFP-B0015
BBa_K1379049 Measurement J23102-Lock 1-GFP-B0015-pBad/araC-Key 1-B0015




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