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Tumblr Blog

Tumblr Blog
Tumblr Blog

Discussions on Biotechnology are often false biased because of a lack of detailed knowledge in this topic. Besides organising lectures and raising attention with facebook and twitter, we also established a Tumblr blog, where we continuously upload articles about Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology to make science accessible for broad public we are write in understandable language.

Articles entitled basic principles of biology, methods of gene technology like the PCR or modelling of biologic processes. We gave insights into genetics, cell structure and important ceellular processes. Moreover, we wrote about the pros and cons of biotechnology and our personal stories directly from the lab. We aimed to catch the attention of our followers by providing funny and easy understandable texts that contain reliable and unbiased information to increase the amount of constructive discusssions about synthetic biology.

We were very happy to host guest articles from the iGEM Team Tübingen presenting their great project on blood conversion and iGEM Team Freiburg about the fascinating topic of optogenetics.