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We would like to give our sincerest thanks to the following people and organizations for their help in the past year!
Lab and Fund supports:

Special thanks to the following institutions and laboratories, who provided us with proper platforms to conduct our experiments:

College of Life science and Technology of Huazhong Agricultural University

Teaching experimental center of College of Life science and Technology

Innovation Lab of College of Life science and Technology

College of Sciences of Huazhong Agricultural University

National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement of Huazhong Agricultural University

National Key Laboratory of Agro-microbiology of Huazhong Agricultural University

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Office of Academic Affairs of Huazhong Agricultural University

College of Life science and Technology of Huazhong Agricultural University

Special thanks to Jin Anjiang, Liu Li and Fu Lixia, who went to great lengths to help us smooth over many administrative troubles. We should also thank professors Qi Yingchun, Yuan Jihong, Liu Hanlan, Li Dongqin, Zongqi, Lei Lei and Peng Donghai, who taught us with great patience how to use the equipments and generously lent us their labs. And besides, we should also thank Xie Hanchang and Xu Yuanyuan, who kindly guided us through the synthetization of fluorophore and the construction of oscillators.

Material supports:

Thanks for the iGEM foundation for providing us with most of our materials, and we should also thanks the following people for giving us additional material supports:

Thanks professor Jaffrey for allowing us to use and submit the aptamar;

Thanks professor Gu Xiaoman and Zhuang Shaoping in HUST-China who helped us with the synthesis of the fluorophore.

Thanks the clerk of TsingKe company named Zhang Junjie who helped us with the synthesis of the aptamer and crRNA.

Thanks professors Cao Gang, Wang Xuelu, Yin Ping and Yang Zaiqing and Zhang Zhongming for offering us all kinds of E.Coli competent cells for testing the unexpected recombination of lox71 site.

Meanwhile, we should thank HUST-China and WHU-China, who generously offered us with whatever parts that we didn't have. And special thanks to HUST-China, who helped us with part of the ligation of our oscillator.

Project & Experiment Suggestions:

Besides the professors and upperclassmen mentioned above, we should also thank the following professors and upperclassmen, who offered many suggestions to our project:

He Jin, Tan Chen, Hao Rong, Yuan Meng, Zheng Yonglian, Sun Ming, Huang Feng, Yan Jianbing,You Sihai, Lan Xia, Kang Shoukai.

CCiC & Meetup:

Special thanks to HUST-China, WHU-China and WHU-Pharm. Together we formed the Central China iGEMers' Consortium and reached the consensus of mutual help, communication and share of resources. Without them, the Central China iGEMers' Meetup held by us in August wouldn't have been such a success.

Thanks to Zhang Haoqian and Liu Yang, special guests of CCiC, for their wonderful speeches and suggestions given to us all at the meetup. And special thanks to Mr. Randy Rettberg and other iGEM staff, who kindly made us a video for our meetup.

We should also thank all these 16 teams for participating in this meetup. Without them, the first Central China iGEMers' Meetup couldn't be such a happy, exciting and wonderful meetup for all of us. It truly left a deep memory in every iGEMer's mind. These 16 teams are: OUC_China, SCUT, CAU_China, WHU_China, NJU-QIBEBT, SICAU, Jilin-China, AHUT_China, Peking, LZU-China, SCAU_China, BNU-China, WHU-Pharm, HUST-China, BIT, NUDT_China, SICAU.


We must thank our two instructors, professor Zhang Hongyu and professor Ma Binguang, especially professor Ma, who devoted a lot of time efforts into us and has been with us throughout the whole competition. And we must thank the members of last year's HZAU-China, without their efforts and achievements, we wouldn't have got sufficient support this year, and they are: Xiong Le, Hong Ping, Wu Wei, Li Yunchuang, Zhang Shaowei, Chen Jing.

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