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Pubic outreach

iGEM Talkx

iGEM Talkx has been committed to build an open and active scientific discussion platform to us.

iGEM Talkx is a scientific discussion platform with students as the main body, sometimes we also invite some graduate students talk to us with something fancy about biology.

iGEM Talkx is open to every single students in our university.

Every students can come here listening or have a presentation in weekly assembly.

We have talked a lot of things:

The review of synthetic biology (Xiong Le), The develop of Gene (Tian liu), Drug resistance of bacteria (Yang mian), etc.

Future scientists

On the 7th June 2014, our team held the Future scientists activity with our college.

Many kids aged 10-15 years old came here to get a lesson: The genetic of life and DNA Extraction from spinage.

First, Li Shangjin explained the relationship between genetics and DNA and the structure of DNA found course and gene expression, etc.

Then, we talked iGEM and synthetic biology with our iGEM bricks, we were excited that kids are very interesting to that, we truly talk a lot.

Last, we helped kids with how to extract the DNA from spinage, they are really smart!

  • Future scientists
  • Future scientists
  • Future scientists
  • Future scientists
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