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CUHK : Computer simulation of the “Nitrogenase System”

This year, the CityU HK iGEM team collaborate with the CUHK iGEM team.

When did it start?

We met up the CUHK iGEM team in October 2014. During our meet up, we presented our projects to each other and were really impressed by their project. After we had discussion, we were interested to see the result of the “Nitrogenase System” and provide assistance to the CUHK iGEM team.

How did we help CUHK iGEM team

Our team provided assistance with the computer simulation of the “Nitrogenase System” project of the Chinese University of Hong Kong iGEM Team.


The computer simulation works on two enzyme kinetic systems.


Dr. Zhu Yuan, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Guangdong University of
Finance and Economics, Guangzhou, 510320, P.R. China

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