Acronym list

Genes, CDS and tags

Module 1
fum A/B/...fumarate reductase of A. succinogenes
frdfumarate reductase of E. coli
oprFporines of P. fluorescens
dcuBsuccinate carrier of E. coli
soxRSNADPH and NADP+ sensor
ccmcytochrome c maturation cassette
GSU 3274c-type cytochrome from G. sulfurreducens
Module 2
rbcLS / SelanRuBisCO of S. elongatus
ccbLS / HneapRuBisCO of H. neapolitanus
prkAPhosphoribulokinase of S. elongatus
sap / csoS2Shell associated protein of RuBisCO
canCarbonic anhydrase of RuBisCO
csoS4ABShell proteins of RuBisCO
csoS1CABShell proteins of RuBisCO
csoS1DPore protein of RuBisCO
IntCBDIntein tag with chitin binding domain
glpXSedoheptulose 1,7-bisphosphatase of B. methanolicus
fbaAFructose bisphosphate aldolase II of E. coli
tktATransketolase I of E. coli
pgkPhosphoglycerate kinase of C. glutamicum
gapAGlyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase of E. coli
pykFPyruvate kinase of E. coli
ldhAD-lactate dehydrogenase of E. coli
glkGlucokinase of E. coli
zwfGlucose 6-phosphate-1-dehydrogenase of E. coli
Module 3
kivDα-ketoisovalerate decarboxylase of L. lactis
alsSα-acetolactate synthase of B. subtilis
ilvCKetol-acid reductoisomerase of E. coli
ilvDDihydroxyacid dehydratase of E. coli
adhAAlcohol dehydrogenase of E. coli or L. lactis
alrD-alanin racemase of E. coli
dadXD-alanin racemase of E. coli