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Secret Happenings

Please, please do not take this sub-page serious. It's probably everything - but serious.

In fact, most team members know that this websites exists. But it nicely documents all the non-serious achievements of our project.

First, even we as team Aachen 2014 - we're actually the first team of our university - performed experiments that didn't end well.

  1. image cuvettes

It's never a good sign if already the blank rather tries to escape than to stay.

Especially with our own-minded experiments we had some rainy days in the lab

  1. rainbow

but also some bright moments, where we could spread peace, love and happiness :)

  1. image heart

But not only the biological experiments created a high level of frustration, but also the hardware

  1. hammer

or software

  1. björn.

overall we had a fun time with our igem and loved to stand together for our project

  1. teamfoto