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One part of our biosensor system Cellock Holmes are our agar chips containing our engineered sensing cells that fluoresce in the presence of the pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa. However, bacteria are small and the fluorescent signal cannot be seen with the naked eye. Thus the central question "What's on the chip?" remains. To answer this question we present our measurement device WatsOn.

WatsOn fulfills several tasks in our system:

  • incubate the sensing cells and the sampling chip
  • prevent escape of potentially sampled pathogens and our genetically engineered cells
  • illuminate the chip with the right excitation wavelength for GFP
  • take a photo of the chips
  • analyze the fluorescence signal
  • give feedback to the user about the presence or absence of P. aeruginosa



Software Evaluation

Secret Ingredients

Arduino Sketchbook (.ino)

Build your own WatsOn

If you want to create your own WatsOn at first check the following list of necessary devices.

Table 1: Needed number of pieces, components and costs for building your own measurement device

number of pieces components costs [$]
1 filter slide (LEE Designer Edition: medium yellow 010)5.17
1 arduino UNO R311.65
40jumper-wire cable2.99
3 40er male header (10-Piece Pack)8.16
3 40er female header (10-Piece Pack)7.8
1 circuit board2.99
1 HDMI cable1.87
1 7 port USB hub6.71
1WLAN USB stick5.35
1USB mouse and keyboard12.50
1 case acrylic glass XT 6mm~0.5250.65
1spray paint for acrylic glass6.54
1 aluminum block 100x100x15 mm14.23
1 raspberry model B35.00
1raspberry camera25.00
17” touchscreen display50.50
1 digital temperature sensor DHT-227.50
1 peltier-element 12706 12V 60W4.50
1power supply32.89
6 superflux LEDs 480nm7.50
16 LEDs 450nm7.50
1cupboard button1.24