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Lab Equipment

Equipment used in our project:

Equipment Company
Avanti 30 Centrifuge Beckman
Äkta Prime Plus GE Healthcare
Biofuge "pico" Heraues Thermo Scientific
Cleanbench Scanlaf
Clark Electrode Hamilton
GenePulser XCell BioRad
Fermenter 1L Sartorius
Fermenter control unit Biostat A-Plus Sartorius
Freezer Thermo Scientific
Geldoc Herolab
Geldoc XR+ Biorad
Heatplate Yellow line
Megafuge 16R Heraeus Thermo Scientific
Incubator VWR
Mastercycler gradient Eppendorf
Micro Centrifuge Roth
Microscope ICG-50 Leica
Microscope AF6000 LX Videomicroscope Leica
Microscope Software LAS AF 3.2.09652 Leica
Microscope Orthoplan Leica
NanoVue Plus GE Healthcare
Pico 17 Centrifuge Thermo Scientific
PowerPac 200 + 300 BioRad
pH Electrode Mettler Toledo
pH/ORP Meter Hanna Instruments
Programmable Thermal Controller MJ Research
Pipet boy Sartorius
Stirrer Unkermotoren germany
Shaker New Brunswick
Spectrophotometer 1200 Fisher Bioblock Scientific
Platereader Synergy MX BioTek
Platereader Software GenX BioTek
Thermomixer Compact Eppendorf
Thermocylcler Primus 25 MWG Biotech
Waterbath Lauda
Waterbath Frigomix 1000 Sartorius
Varifuge 3.0R Heraues
Vortexer Fisher Scientific


Kit Company
GoTaq Green Mastermix Promega
Gibson assembly cloning kit NEB
Illustra Plasmid Prep Mini Spin Kit GE Healthcare
PCR DNA and Gel Band Purification Kit GE Healthcare
iGEM Biobrick Assembly Kit NEB
Transformation efficiency kit iGEM Headquarters
KAPA2G Fast ReadyMix Kapa Biosystems