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= Aachen iGEM MeetUp 2014 =
= Aachen iGEM MeetUp 2014 =
{{Team:Aachen/Figure|Aachen DSC 0523.JPG|title=Willkommen, Teams!|subtitle=Alle Teams wurden durch unsere drei wunderschönen Rezeptionistinnnen begrüßt.|width=500px}}
{{Team:Aachen/Figure|Aachen DSC 0523.JPG|title=Welcome, Teams!|width=500px}}

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Aachen iGEM MeetUp 2014

Aachen DSC 0523.JPG
Welcome, Teams!

Collaborations with other iGEM teams

Alongside with our approaches in biology and engineering, we aimed to socialize with other teams. We gladly collaborated with several other teams throughout our whole project. As first iGEM team of the RWTH Aachen University we have plenty of things to learn, but we have to offer a lot, too.