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Cellock Holmes - A Case of Identity

Welcome to the Aachen 2014 iGEM Wiki!

Current methods to detect pathogens on solid surfaces have many disadvantages such as expensive and heavy equipment or long detection times.

The iGEM team Aachen 2014 developed a novel biosensing system called Cellock Holmes that overcomes the drawbacks of current techniques.

Bürgerstiftung Aachen
Niersverband Genscript Eurofins Genomics Labomedic
BMBF IDT m2p labs Carl Roth pro RWTH
Institute of Applied Microbiology - iAMB Institute for Molecular Biotechnology Helmholtz Association - Initiative on Synthetic Biology Aachen Biology and Biotechnology - ABBt Forschungszentrum Jülich Fab Lab Aachen Schwaneberg Group