P&P Approach

  • This year for P&P, we decided to evaluate a problem related to the topic of our project which is based on heart attacks and brain ischemia. We aimed to determine the ways to adapt synthetic biology into the solution.
  • Hence, we considered human practice as a distinct project and separated our approach into four modules or columns to maximize the efficiency and establish a continual progress going accumulatively. These modules are identification, clarification, specialization, application, separately.
  • M1-Identification

  • This module includes the analyzation and differentiation of different aspects of heart attack and ischemia. We intend to identify how major the problem is, what kind of features it poses and how many people are actually aware of them.
  • To further understand the depth of the highly mortal issue, we aim to perform a survey throughout our environment and our university. Additionally, to evaluate the problem lying underneath and to inform the iGEMmers attending the GiantJamboree, we proposed our survey to them and received some very useful information. After our analysis, we were able to determine the aspects and the degree of heart health risks. To see more results, visit this page.
  • M2-Clarification

  • As our second step, we will try to engage and inform people about this health problem and its potential other risks. Taking the data we obtained during our first module as an advantage, we aim to clarify every feature that is related to people and which can be taken under control easily. According to this, we especially focused on the consumption of fat and salt consumption which are the main risk factors about heart diseases. We also calculated an iGEMer’s daily calorie intake to compare with expected normal intake to show how healthy we nourish ourselves. The results of this module can be found here.
  • M3-Specialization

  • We desire to go further in our evaluation and research about people awareness. In this module, we have asked experts and related stakeholders of the health sector about how we can raise awareness more effectively and which steps must be taken for a more successful approach. In this view, we had several meetings with cardiologists, Turkish Cardiologists Association and Turkish Heart Society experts and discussed our project and ideas. To see the details, visit our page.
  • M4-Application

  • Lastly, we have come up with the idea of designating how much our proposed treatment costs and whether it is really beneficial than the present current treatments, what are the advantages etc. We have accomplished several researches about the-state-of-art clinical practice and methods to compare the features of new and old. Additionally, we criticized our approach in from the aspects of treatment management and monitoring the safety and security and produced new ideas to enhance its clinical potential and practice features. These opinions and studies can be found in detail here.