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<p>Questions? Contact <span class="email">&lt;safety (at) igem (dot) org&gt;</span></p></div>
<p>Questions? Contact <span class="email">&lt;safety (at) igem (dot) org&gt;</span></p></div>
<p>This is a draft of the Check-In form. It still needs polishing in e.g. the exact introductory text, making it look nicer overall, etc. Features requiring database access are <span class="highlightme">highlighted and described</span>.</p>
<ol class="highlightme">
<li>Polish the introductory text.</li>
<li>Adjust sizes and alignments of form fields to make it look nicer.</li>
<li>Send round for last feedback/proofread.</li>
<li>Remove this note.</li>

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Questions or feedback?
Email safety AT igem DOT org!


This Check-In form does not work yet. You can look at the questions and begin preparing answers, but you cannot submit any answers on this page. We will make an announcement when this form is ready.

Questions? Contact

  1. Polish the introductory text.
  2. Adjust sizes and alignments of form fields to make it look nicer.
  3. Send round for last feedback/proofread.
  4. Remove this note.


You must complete a Check-In form for every whole organism and every part you will use that is not on the "White List". You may not acquire or begin working with the organism/part until the Safety Committee has approved your Check-In. If you already started working with the organism/part, complete a Check-In as soon as you can, and use the "Further Comments" box at the bottom to explain what work you have already done.

The Check-In form is short and easy. Even if you are only thinking about using an organism/part, please go ahead and submit a Check-In, or consult us by emailing safety AT igem DOT org. We will reply as quickly as we can. We want to help you work safely!

We expect to reply to most Check-In forms within a few days. However, even when we are very busy, we promise to send a reply within one week, unless you are submitting your Check-In after September 30.

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1. Is this Check-In for a whole organism, or a part (DNA sequence, protein, etc.)?

2. Part Questions

If this Check-In is for a whole organism, skip this area. If this Check-In is for a part, complete this area.


b) What is the natural function of the part in its parent organism?

c) Does the part, by itself, present any safety risks? If yes, what are the risks? If no, why is the part not dangerous?

3. a) What organism are you using? (Or, if this Check-In is for a part, what organism does the part come from?) Include the name of the strain, if applicable.

b) What is the Risk Group of this organism? (Check the Safety Hub for help determining Risk Group.)

c) What source did you use to get the Risk Group information?

4. What will you use the part/organism for?

5. How do you plan to acquire the organism or part?

6. How will you ensure that you handle the organism/part safely? What safety actions will you take to protect members of your team, other people at your school, and members of the public?

7. Your Lab Facilities & Safety Practices

a) What is the BioSafety Level of the laboratory area in which you will handle this organism/part?


b) What type of work environment will you use to handle this organism/part?

c) What personal protective equipment will you use when you handle this organism/part? Please check all that apply.

Further Comments: