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Wiki requirements for iGEM 2014:
  1. All team pages, images, documents and code must be hosted on the server. * We preserve all iGEM content on our own servers so future teams can learn from what you have done. When you store content on your own sites or servers, after time the following can happen:
  2. FLASH is not permitted on the iGEM 2014 websites. See image above in 1.

    *''Note:'' Adobe flash is 100% proprietary and you can't view the source like you can with our wiki. We chose wikis for teams to build their projects so the source code would be available for future teams, to build on the concept of open source. Flash can also be hosted on external sites and we want 100% of the content of our wikis to be on our wikis.
  3. The team's project description must be documented on their iGEM Team Wiki by the deadline. The project description should be 1-3 paragraphs and only needs to include an up-to-date explanation of the project.
  4. All pages of a team wiki must be in the team's namespace.
  5. The team's wiki must include a link to the completed Safety form and an attributions section.
  6. All iGEM Team Wikis must include the iGEM header. All wiki pages must preserve the user editing menu (notifications, username, messages, history, edit). In the case where the user heading is not visible, an automatic heading will be overlaid on top of the wiki page(s) where the heading is missing.

For wiki FAQs, see the FAQ page.

All content on this wiki is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (or any later version).