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.Welcome to iGEM 2014!
Jun 23, 2014

About Our Lab form due tonight!

Remember, the About Our Lab form is due tonight at midnight EDT! To learn more about safety in iGEM, visit the Safety Hub.

If you need extra time, please email safety (at) igem (dot) org.

Jun 18, 2014

New Partner: ERASynBio

ERASynBio has joined as an official iGEM 2014 Partner and will be offering a special partner offer to teams. Following their support of advancing European teams in previous years, ERASynBio is pleased to invite applications for the iGEM 2014 Giant Jamboree registration credit! For more details see the Partner Offers page.

Jun 6, 2014

About Our Lab form published

The About Our Lab form has been published. It is now due on Monday, June 23. If you need extra time (for example, because your team has not started working yet), contact safety (AT) igem (DOT) org.

Visit the Safety Hub to find out about all this year's safety requirements and deadlines, learn about safety and find resources.

Jun 2, 2014

iGEM Community page

The iGEM 2014 Community page is up! If you have news, events, team videos, etc., that you would like to share with the rest of the iGEM community, email us at: hq (at)!

We've recently added community contributions from:

  • NTNU Trondheim - Matchmaker tool
  • Uppsala - Synthetic biology lab manual
  • Karmella Haynes - Publishing opportunity
  • Jacob Beal - Interlab measurement study

May 20, 2014

Giant Jamboree Update

Wondering where to stay for the Giant Jamboree?
New hotel information is now available!
Check out the Giant Jamboree Page for details and reservation discount codes.

May 19, 2014

Safety office hours & more!

Join Kelly Drinkwater at Virtual Open Office Hours to ask questions and discuss safety in iGEM!
Remember to get Skype, and then add as a Skype contact.

  • Thursday, May 22, 12:00 noon EDT
  • Thursday, May 22, 21:00 EDT

Check out the Safety Hub for resources on lab safety and information on this year's safety requirements.

May 12, 2014

Meet ups!

Is your team organizing a Team Meet up? Want to meet fellow iGEMers?

Meet up events are happening around the world. Teams share ideas, help each other and spend time with their fellow iGEMers!

iGEM HQ wants to help! Please contact us by May 31st and tell us about your meet up . There is the opportunity to have a representative from Headquarters come to your event.

Visit the Meet ups page for more information.

May 9, 2014

iGEM 2014 DNA Distributions have shipped!

The 2014 DNA Distributions have shipped to our registered teams! Teams will be receiving their kits shortly, so be sure to read through the 2014 Distribution Handbook, where you'll find information on what to expect and how to use the kit. We hope you enjoy the colorful 2014 pins too!

Apr 21, 2014

Apply to work with SYNENERGENE partners!

Are you looking for an exciting Policy & Practices challenge? Do you want to explore your project with think tanks, experts, policymakers, science museums, and public engagement specialists? Learn about SYNENERGENE, read the open calls/invitations, and apply now! First proposals are due May 30, 2014.

iGEM 2014 DNA Distribution

The 2014 Distribution Kit has shipped to our registered teams!

Read the 2014 Distribution Handbook before using your kit.

245 teams iGEM 2014!

Check the complete team list here!

Giant Jamboree

  • October 30 - November 3, 2014
  • Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA
  • No Regionals! Everyone advances!
  • New: Hotel Information is now available on the Giant Jamboree Page

Partner Offers

  • See how our partners can help you!