Giant Jamboree/SpecialEvents


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The iGEM 2014 Giant Jamboree will take place at the Hynes Convention Center over the course of 4.5 days. We have over 130,000 square feet and over 30 available rooms available. All of this space affords us the opportunity to have more special events, panels, workshops, etc. than we have ever been able to host before. In addition to the main portion of the Jamboree which is the team presentations and posters as in the past, we are organizing and inviting others to organize additional special events.

Keynote Speaker
iGEM Startup Showcase
Giant Jamboree Concert
Giant Jamboree Masquerade Party
Giant Jamboree Dance Party
Panel: "Perspectives from iGEM Veterans & Mentors"
Panel: "Perspectives on Funding Opportunities”
"Night on the Town"
Networking / Recruiting
Special interest meetings (Biosecurity, biodesign automation, synbio leadership, policy & practices, science museums and science cafes, and more)
Sponsor suites

Interested in hosting a meeting? Have suggestions? Get in touch with hq at igem dot org