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UiOslo IGEM 2014

Products Used

This is a list of the products we have used.


  • DpnI – R0176S, NEB
  • EcoRI – R0101S, NEB
  • SpeI – R0133S, NEB
  • PstI – R0140S, NEB
  • T4 Ligase – M0202, NEB
  • Q5TM High fidelity DNA polymerase ref: M0491S - NEB
  • Takara ExTaqTM Hot start Version. REF: RR006A - Clonetech

Primes and oligos

Primes were ordered from


Sequencing - We used GATC sequencing.


  • Miniprep - Plasmid purification.

    NucleoSpin® Plasmid, Ref: 740588.25 - Macherey Nagel (MN)

    Wizard® Plus SV Minipreps DNA Purification System + Vacuum Adapters, Catalog #A1470 - Promega

  • PCR and Gel clean up

    Macherey Nagel (MN) - NucleoSpin® Gel and PCR Clean-up. Ref 740609.50

  • Midori Green Advanced DNA stain Cat.No MG03 – Nippon genetics Europe GmbH