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UiOslo IGEM 2014


Career Day at the University - April 24th

We had a stand on the career day for the Institute of Biosciences. There we met students and talked with them about possibilities within synthetic biology, and specifically about the iGEM competition.

Stand at the career day.

Masterpub - April 24th

After the career day the student society Realistforeningen had an event called "Masterpub", where the goal is to inform students about what they can do during their master degrees. There we spoke about iGEM!

Håkon talks about iGEM at Masterpub.

Nanoschool - August 7th

The material sciences department at the University of Oslo has invited high school students to do a one week summer course in nanotechnology. Elina held a lecture for these pupils about Bio-nanotechnology and iGEM was a part of this lecture to show students that they can do research at a fairly early level in their studies, but also to motivate them to join the iGEM competition and do something that is outside their field of study.

Speech for New Students - August 11th

Elina held a speech for the new students at the nanotechnology-program about opportunities as a student. Naturally iGEM was a part of this speech.

IGEM presentation for biology master students - August 12th

Vilde held a presentation about iGEM as a part of the Master course BIO 4001, an obligatory introductory course for all masters students at Biology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular biology.

Synthetic Biology Day - August 25th

As a part of the University's Science Library's BjørneLab (in English it's BearLab), we gave three presentations about iGEM and our project for new biology students taking a course called BIO1000. The presentations were held by the entrance to the library as our way of also trying grab attention of everyone in the vicinity to make sure there will be iGEM teams from The University of Oslo in the years to come!

Vilde talks about our project.

Lecture by Drew Endy in Trondheim - August 25th

We were invited by The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board to go to Trondheim and listen to a presentation by Drew Endy. A post-presentation conversation with Mr. Endy, the Trondheim iGEM Team and us was set up with an audience. The event was filmed by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) Additionally we were “flies on the wall” during a radio interview of Mr. Endy.

You can view the event on YouTube.

Seminar on iGEM for Geologists - September 12th

One of the science groups in geology holds friday-seminars. They heard about iGEM and wanted a lecture about the project in one of their friday-seminars.

You can read about the event here.

Another Synthetic Biology Day - September 16th

Although in a smaller scale this time, we were asked again to hold three talks about iGEM and our project for the remaining biology students in the course BIO1000.

Stian talks about IGEM.

A talk on Scientific Communication - September 19th

We held a speech at the Litterature house before a debate about science communication. Elina talked about iGEM and our media experiences. This event was a part of the Science Days and many persons that are interested in science communication were there.

Ungforsk (translated: Young Science) - September 23rd-24th

Ungforsk (translated: "Young Science") is a part of Forskningsdagene (translated: "Science Days" arranged by the Research Council of Norway. During the Science days pupils from 10th grade in secondary school to 1st grade in high school are invited to the University of Oslo. In collaboration with the Faculty of Natural Sciences we have invited some of the students to meet the iGEM-team and to learn more about synthetic biology. This is the home page for the Science days for pupils:

About 3000 pupils attend this event over all, and about 300 of them have chose our lecture during these two days.

Stian talks about IGEM.