Team:UiOslo Norway/Acknowledgements


UiOslo IGEM 2014


We have a lot of people to thank for the help we've received during our project. Here we try to list them all.

  • We would like to thank our supervisor Dirk Linke for help, support and good discussions during our work. We are also grateful for the help we got from the rest of your group (mainly Jack Leo) and the use of your lab.
  • We would like to thank Paul Grini for his contribution during the initial process of starting an iGEM team at University of Oslo.
  • We would like to thank NBS (The Nowegian Biochemical Society) for the travelling grant – making it possible for all of us to participate at the giant jamboree.
  • We would like to thank the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory board for the Trondheim trip and meeting with Drew Endy.
  • We would like to thank Tuebingen iGEM team for their help in the cloning process.
  • We would like to thank for providing images for the illustrations.
  • The authors and drawers of the comic “Adventure in Synthetic Biology” for allowing us to translate the comic to Norwegian and use in our human practises.
  • We will thank University of Oslo, Institute for Bioscience for the opportunity to participate in the iGEM competition.
  • We would like to thank Gunhild Haugnes for helping us to file the complaint to the Press Council.
  • We would like to thank Anna Valberg for the collaboration at Ungforsk and the Science Days.
  • We would like to thank the Rector, Ole Petter Ottersen, and The Head of the Faculty, Morten Dæhlen, for blogging about us.
  • We would also like to thank Finn Eirik Johansen for the letter he wrote to Universitas in support of us, and for giving us the oportunity to participate in iGEM.
  • We would like to thank everyone (specially Kirsten Borse Haraldsen) at the Science library in particular for hosting the biology days and cooperating with us to make this event.
  • We would like to thank Mari E. Smith for handling payment issues.