We strongly hold a belief that it is our arduous responsibility to not only develop synthetic biology by working on a project day and night but teach and enlighten the public to be intrigued in biology and understand what scientists are doing on genetic engineering and other biology technology so that the public is capable of judging whether genetically modified organism (GMO) is safe and personalized gene sequencing and therapy are reliable enough.

Our iGEM team is also called Coding Life Association (CLA) in the University of Science and Technology of China(USTC) and CLA spares no time for making the public discover and marvel at the miracle of life. We hope the public can go forward with scientific development and we are trying our best to eliminate the estrangement between complicated methods and public cognition. Science, existing because of our curiosity to the amazing nature, will prosper and benefit mankind with our endeavor to let everyone enjoy and understand. This is the core idea of human practice.