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Team UNIK Copenhagen 2014

Our team consist of 4 people with different nationalities from the field of life science. We are all studying at University of Copenhagen and our home base is at UNIK Center for Synthetic Biology. You can click on the team photo to read more about each person or just scroll down on this page.


My name is Cecilie Cetti Hansen. I am studying for my B.Sc in Biotechnology at University of Copenhagen. I like to work in the lab and have found an interest in plant based synthetic biology and metabolic engineering. It motivates me to be a part of developing ideas and to obtain new knowledge in this field. I am inspired by the Icelandic singer Björk's Biophilia project. It is cool when science is combined with art - especially when it is used to educate people in science.


My name is Henrik Munk Frisenvang. I have a bachelors degree in Biology-Biotechnology from University of Copenhagen. In my bachelor year I primarily focused on plant pathway discovery for the purpose of heterologous production of high-value plant compounds. I have currently completed the first year of my masters’ degree in Biology-Biotechnology at Copenhagen University. I have spent the first semester of my master’s degree in New Zealand where I did a research project on the Vitis vinifera transposonactivating properties of yeast. I joined iGEM because I think that multidisciplinary team of dedicated students sounds like a fun and interesting group to be part of and can achieve exciting results.


My name is Morten Hessellund Raadam, about to start on the third year of my B.Sc in Biochemistry. Ready for university but unsure which area in the chemical STEM fields I was interested in; I first got an AP degree in Chemical and Biotechnical Science. It was doing these two and a half years, working as a lab technician with everything from microbiology to analytical chemistry, I discovered my love and enthusiasm for molecular biology. Specifically the concept and engineering approach of synthetic biology appealed to my way of thinking, and to pursue this interest I started on a B.Sc in Biochemistry. The iGEM competition is close to the embodiment of my interest, and I learned about it 4 years ago, but it was not until this year I felt like my knowledge was at a point where I could make a real contribution to a team and benefit fully from the experience.


My name is Owik Herold-Majumdar and I am a Master student at the University of Copenhagen in the field of Biotechnology. I have Bachelors in Molecular Biotechnology form the Technical University of Munich. I also got in touch there with iGEM but had never the opportunity to participate in the competition. I think iGEM is a great chance to put theory in practice by performing an individual project. Moreover, I like the aspect of creating an own small researcher community within iGEM which creates a great network with valuable contacts. Last but not least, is iGEM a lot of fun especially with a nice team like we are!