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17th of July - amplification of pETDuet-1 (Q)
Transformation of Ecloni with pETDuet-1 vector and plated the bacteria. They were afterwards stored in the fridge.

23rd of July (Q)
We made three liquid cultures each from a single colony on the plate.

24th of July(Q)
Minipreps of the pETDuet-1 vector. The minipreps was nanodroped. The measurements were:

Colony: ng/┬Ál 260/280 260/230
1 30.3 1.96 2.34
2 63.3 1.82 1.89
3 32.1 1.82 1.68

On basis of the measurements, we picked sample 2 for sequencing. The sequences confirmed by sequencing.

20st of August (Q)
Ecloni was transformed with pUC57 containing sequences for either Estradiol light chain (EL) or Estradiol heavy chain (EH). The same was done for Progesterone light chain (PL) and heavy chain (PH). We also ran a PCR on pUC57, EL, EH, PL and PH.

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