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Eleanor Amidei is a recent graduate of ALHS and is heading to UC Berkeley in the spring studying whatever undecided students study -- possibly molecular cell biology or maybe political science, but leaning towards public health. Most nights, after hours spent in the lab, you can find Eleanor in the weight room at ALHS working out and contemplating the myriad of reasons she decided to forgo sleep the night before (thanks, Netflix), only to give into the temptation again. While sometimes wishing she were already in school, iGEM has been an invaluable educational experience.

Sabrina Chu aka 'greatest driver on earth' is a recent graduate from Abraham Lincoln High School who is attending UC Davis as a freshman in the fall. She plans to major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She also plans on minoring in accounting and is very excited to finally attend college. She gained much of her wetlab experience during high school in her Biotechnology class at Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco. Because of her many hours using the FACS machine, she is also known as the "Flow Master."

Shuaixin He will be in her third year at Peking University. She majors in Life Sciences and is interested in observing and thinking about biological phenomena at microcosmic level. She was a lab manager for the 2013 Peking iGEM team and this is her second time participating in iGEM. In this year's project, she managed the strain construction and characterization of positive & negative feedback. She has really enjoyed a pleasant time with S. cerevisiae as well as her fellow teammates.

Jessica Hsueh is a third year bioengineering major at UC Berkeley. She is from Fremont, California, which means she enjoys an hour and a half commute from home to the lab in San Francisco. Jessica likes learning about a variety of topics, from working with yeast to programming Kilobots. Outside of research and academics, Jessica also enjoys good food, books, movies, puzzles, Quidditch, and archery.

Derrick Lee is currently a sophomore at City College of San Francisco, majoring in Molecular Cell Biology. He intends to transfer to either UC Davis or UC Berkeley and eventually pursue a PhD. This is his second year as a member of the UCSF-UCB iGEM Team and he is an Abraham Lincoln High School alumnus. In his off-time, Derrick enjoys binge-watching TV shows, rooting for the Golden State Warriors and the San Francisco 49ers, and finding the best places to eat in San Francisco. He also has a somewhat unhealthy attachment to the Internet.

Jeffrey Shu, a recent graduate from Abraham Lincoln High School, is currently studying as a freshman at UC Berkeley and intending to major in Molecular and Cell Biology. Jeffrey was drawn to iGEM for its innovative approach to collaborative science and its exciting opportunity to try new things. When not in the lab, you can find him cleaning and organizing things, curling up reading a good book, obsessively binge-watching shows and movies on his bucket list, or loudly singing show tunes in the shower. Jeffrey is excited to start his new life in college and be a part of such an exciting scientific venture alongside his amazing teammates.

Eric Wong is a second year student with the UCSF-UCB iGEM team. Like many of his teammates, he is also an Abraham Lincoln High School alumnus. Eric currently attends the College of San Mateo and is interested in transferring to either UC-Berkeley or UC-Davis to study Molecular Cell Biology. iGEM gave him the opportunity to dive straight into hands-on, innovative research that he would otherwise not have been able to do. He feels that it has been a pleasure to be a part of this enormous community where people all work together to discover and create things we never imagined or thought possible.

Robert Wong is a recent graduate from Abraham Lincoln High School and is currently at College of San Mateo. He plans to move onto UC Davis or UC Berkeley after finishing his GEs at CSM. Right now he’s headed in the direction of Molecular Cell Biology as a major and hopes to eventually earn his PhD. In his free time he likes to find good food places. “I'M A BIG FOODIE!”

Ianto Lin Xi is a fourth year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in immunology. Outside of iGEM, Ianto works at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, where he can be found programming pipelines to analyze sequencing data. He is also a coordinator at the Berkeley Free Clinic, where he manages the routine operations of the Men’s STI Clinic. In his free time, Ianto forgoes the stability of the earth and prefers to dangle dangerously from rocks.

Born and raised as a 2nd generation immigrant, George Yip has adopted both Chinese and American cultures. He is a recent graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School and has his road paved towards CSM. The idea of learning and gathering knowledge was an essential motivator for him to join iGEM. Real world experience and the trials of everyday scientists are seldom found in literature, and George is certain that being a participant in the world of science will further reinforce his understanding of this field as well as open up insights for him to investigate.


This is Kara Helmke’s second year working with the iGEM team. She just completed her graduate work at UC Berkeley studying mitosis in frogs. As a cell biologist and microscopist by training, the field of synthetic biology has been both challenging and exciting for her to learn about alongside the students.

Wendell Lim has had a lab at UCSF for over 15 years and has been an adviser to the UCSF team since it started in 2007. He enjoys working with bright, open-minded young scientists and seeing their ideas develop into scientific projects.

Hyun Youk is a former postdoc in the Lim Lab and now an assistant professor of physics and nanobiology at the Delft University of Technology, currently setting up his new lab. His main passion is seeking core mathematical/physical principles that govern dynamics of biological systems, such as genetic circuits and multicellular entities. Among his many responsibilities, one that particularly excites him is learning from and mentoring young students as they embark on their research careers.