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Faculty Advisors

Dr. David Bernick

Ph. D. in Bioinformatics and Biomolecular Engineering, 2010, UC Santa Cruz

Dr. Sandra Dreisbach


Hossein Amiri

Logan Mulroney

Graduate Student in Bioengineering

Jeffrey Nivala

Charles Paine

BS in Bioengineering from UCSC, with strong interest in Bioinformatics



Wade Dugdale, Stas Fridland, Kevin Sweeny

Bioengineering and Genetics

Stas Fridland, Max Genetti, Renee Jocic, Rolando Perez, Vinay Poodari, Dominic Schenone, Saumya Singh, Kaylee Walker


Renee Jocic, Chris Lee, Charlie Paine, Lenore Pafford



All fundraising was done either through the university directly, or from our crowd funding page at


Spring Journal Club Articles

This course was designed to weed out potential project topics, and trained students in academic article research.

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