You should make use of the calendar feature on the wiki and start a lab notebook. This may be looked at by the judges to see how your work progressed throughout the summer. It is a very useful organizational tool as well.

PCR for MASP1 and MASP2
PCR Protocol

Silk Thread
Silk Thread Protocol
  1. Construction of the Synthetic Spider Silk Multimeric Gene
  2. Cloning of the spider silk multimer into the expression vector
  3. Gene Expression of pETsilk
  4. E.coli Cell Lysis
  5. Silk Protein Purification Using IMAC
  6. Dialysis
  7. Protein Analysis
  8. Amino Acid Analysis
  9. Overall: Timing of Procedure


Materials Fabrication
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Production of MASP1/2
Teulé, Florence, Alyssa R. Cooper, William A. Furin, Daniela Bittencourt, Elibio L. Rech, Amanda Brooks, and Randolph V. Lewis. "A Protocol for the Production of Recombinant Spider Silk-like Proteins for Artificial Fiber Spinning." Nature Protocols 4.3 (2009): 341-55. Web.