Goodbye Azodye UCL iGEM 2014

Risk Assessment & Safety

Playing It Safe

As budding young scientists, we have made sure to take a methodical and careful approach to our personal safety during our project. In conjunction with this, we adhered to established guidelines on conducting research with genetically modified organisms and hazardous materials to minimise the potential risks to the environment.

In order to fulfil our safety requirements for the competition, we made sure to assign a Safety Officer within the team who was responsible for communicating any iGEM safety responsibilities or guidelines between the iGEM Safety Hub and team-members. This included filling out and submitting the 'About Our Lab' form in June before the subsequent 'Final Safety Form' in September. The Safety Officer was also responsible for creating and submitting departmental Risk Assessment Forms for the project and conveying the guidelines to the rest of the team before any lab work was conducted. The completed forms can be downloaded below:

About Our Lab
Final Safety Form
Organisms and Parts Spreadsheet
Risk Assessment Form

While most of the materials used within the project fell within the designated White List, we still decided to Check-In about certain Parts for approval before using them in our project. These approvals included:

1-Pseudomonas aeruginosa
2-Pseudomonas putida
3-Phanerochaete chrysosporium

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