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Lab Work

Heads of Research: Petar Todorov, Connor McBrine
Ribosponge Proposal Background: Petar Todorov
Ribosponge Proposal Details: Petar Todorov, Connor McBrine, Michaela Gold, Peter Cavanagh
Laboratory Research: Petar Todorov, Connor McBrine, Michaela Gold, Peter Cavanagh, Jesse Starger, Brenda French, Michael Zalesne, Christopher Ghadban
(completed lab tasks are also indicated via initials in the laboratory notebook)

Human Practices

Survey: Christopher Ghadban, Michel Zalesne, Jesse Starger, Michaela Gold
SYNENERGENE Proposal: Petar Todorov, Michaela Gold, Christopher Ghadban
Application Scenario: Christopher Ghadban, Connor McBrine
Techno-Moral Vignette: Michaela Gold, Petar Todorov
Head of the Future of Phage and Synthetic Biology Conference: Chris Ghadban
The Future of Phage and Synthetic Biology Conference: Chris Ghadban, Jesse Starger, Peter Cavanagh, Connor McBrine, Michaela Gold
Departmental Contact: Michael Zalesne

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Course Development: Peter Cavanagh, Christopher Ghadban, Brenda French
Course Lectures: Peter Cavanagh
Course Overview: Brenda French
Course Information: Connor McBrine
ExCollege Communicator: Michael Zalesne, Peter Cavanagh

NEGEM 2014

We would like to thank Traci Haddock and the BU iGEM Team for organizing the three NEGEM conferences and providing an environment for collaboration and feedback. We would also like to offer special thanks to Traci Haddock, Brian Teague, and Natalie Farny for their insightful feedback on our project and presentation.

Cell Lines

The Endy Lab at Stanford University kindly provided E. coli strains harboring plasmids used in the construction and deployment of the merRNA.
The Kolter Lab at Harvard Medical School kindly provided ZK1056 E. coli which were used to assess biofilm formation.
The Fuhrman Lab at Tufts University kindly provided JM109 cells used for general cloning purposes and biofilm assessment.

Technical Insight

Dr. Nikhil Nair served as advisor for Tufts iGEM and provided assistance in scientific and administrative matters.
Dr. Monica Ortiz met with the team and offered invaluable logistical advice relating to the construction of a phagemid and the potential hurdles associated with delivery to cells in a biofilm.
Dr. Joshua Kritzer provided his expert opinion on design considerations relating to merRNA construction and promoter selection.
Dr. Andrew Camilli reviewed an early proposal involving c-di-GMP signalling in bacteria and offered various suggestions.
Dr. David Walt was an early advisor to the team and reviewed the proposals.
Dr. Donald McGowan, Director of Tufts Corporate and Foundation Relations, helped the team with outreach.

Lab Space

We would like to thank the Tufts Department of Biology for allowing Tufts iGEM to use its lab space and communal equipment. We would especially like to thank Michael Grossi for his assistance in this respect.

Future of Bacteriophage Conference

Thanks to Dr. Robin Pierce, Dr. Andrew Camilli, Mark Mimee, Anna Kuchment, Sebastien Lemire, Robert Citorik, Dr. Michael Koeris, Dr. Nikhil Nair, and Tufts University President Anthony Monaco. Also special thanks to Christopher Ghadban for his hard work putting the conference together. Thanks to Anna’s Taqueria, Flatbread Company, Laudi’s Breakfast House, and Tufts Catering for providing way too much food. Thanks to the Institute for Global Leadership for providing recording equipment.

Lecture Series

Thanks to Dr. Andrew Camilli, Dr. Michael Levin, Dr. Fiorenzo Omenetto, Dr. Nihkil Nair, Dr. Benjamin Hescott, Dr. Soha Hassoun, Dr. Jonathan Garlick, Dr. David Walt, and Dr. Joshua Kritzer for their involvement in the lecture series.