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As our project was very regional, a lot of different regional newspapers were interested into it.
After the first articles, other newspapers have begun to be interested into our work. It helped us to have a better visibility.
We have listed all the articles :
- 20Minutes
- Metronews
- LaDépêche
- La Voix du Midi
- France 3 Midi-Pyrénées
- LaBiotech
- Développement durable
- Midi Libre
- L'Indépendant
- digiSchool
- La Voix du Midi Lauragais
- LURIO Addl
- Fluvial


We have participated to a lot of interventions to talk about synthetic biology and our project :

- The Agora at the University Paul-Sabatier in Toulouse. It is a monthly conference set up by the association
Arboris Scientiae
Pierre and Florie during the Agora.

- The Exposcience in Toulouse (5th june 2014). We held a stand during the whole day. We met a few people and explained our project. We brought lab stuff and a poster describing the iGEM competition.
Florie and Fanny during the Exposcience.

- The Biosynsys conference (2nd july 2014) where we made an oral presentation behind a panel of scientists specialized in synthetic biology.
Pierre and Mathieu during the Biosynsys conference.

- The Science Festival in Toulouse (26th september 2014 - 17th october 2014).
- The Novela in Toulouse (4th and 11th october 2014)


We set up a monthly Newsletter to inform our sponsors and other people interested in our project. You can find these here (french version):
- Newsletter n°1
- Newsletter n°2
- Newsletter n°3
- Newsletter n°4
- Newsletter n°5

Communication tools

Here you can find all our communication tools:
- iGEM Toulouse presentation flyer (French version)
- SubtiTree presentation flyer (French version)
- iGEM Toulouse presentation poster (French version)
- iGEM Toulouse logo