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Our team is proud to say that we did almost all the work by ourselves : finding sponsors, making communication tools about our project, finding the protocols to use and testing them, ...
However, we needed occasional assistance during our project, it is why we required help from different people : scientists, administrators, specialists and even normal citizens. We would like to warmly thank all these persons for their contribution and their support, whatever the kind of it. Our project could move forward because they offered their help.

Ulule: a crowdfunding website to help us finding funds

Ulule is the first european crowdfunding website. We have posted our SubtiTree project on this site to collect funds for paying the Giant Jamboree fee. The collect was successful : we had 42 supporters and 1293€ collected.

We warmly thank all the supporters, it was very encouraging to see that people have mobilized for us !

We would like to thank especially :

- Stéphanie Marty
- Damien Kanitzer
- Charlene Douard
- Jacques de Grenier
- Colas Decloitre
- Chrystelle Gaucher
- Valérie Chataigner
- Florence Rigaud
- Nicolas Perez
- Pierre Pettera
- Eric Molina
- Clémence Witzmann
- Pierre Mirassou
- Sarah Guiziou
- Nathalie Pineau
- Michel Klein
- Ngoc Thu Hang Pham
- Nathan Mirassou
- Eddy Manière
- Aurélia Gosseau
- Marianne et Dominique Serres
- Pierre Lagoutte
- François Barbeau
- Laurence Fournié
- Rose Fournié
- Jean Perron
- Bruce Couffignal


iGEM instructors

In first, we warmly thank our amazing instructor : Gilles Truan. He was with us from the beginning to the end and even more ! He is the master of cloning. He is the captain of PCR. Moreover, he knows how to grill sausages better than anyone !
We warmly thank all the other instructors that helped us when we were lost with the scientific part or stressed by the lack of money... We especially thank Brice Enjalbert, Florence Bordes, Kaymeuang Cam, Philippe Soucaille, Stéphane Guillouet, Isabelle Meynial-Salles and Alain Marty. Your advice and encouragements were very precious to us, and you deserve these thanks for all the energy you spent answering our questions (and we know that we are very energy-consuming!).
To finish, a special thank to Claude Maranges, who helped us a lot with the sponsoring aspect and all the administrative problems that we encountered. Indeed, if you had an administrative issue, he is able to solve it in less than 2 minutes (5 minutes during the holidays). He know how to make everything ok in record time.

Bacillus subtilis specialists

Even if Bacillus subtilis is a gram-positive bacterium model, no one of our instructors worked on it. It is why we asked other people's help when we had question about B. subtilis.
We would like to thank Nathalie Campo for her advice about B. subtilis culture, her encouragements and her kindness.
Her friend Thierry Doan helped us too : he brilliantly answered to our questions about B. subtilis.
We also thank Sarah Guiziou, ex-iGEMer, for her advice and her protocols.

Fungi specialists

We are grateful to Christophe Roux who gave us two non-pathogenic strains of fungi : Aspergillus brasiliensis and Chaetomium globusum.
We used them to test our SubtiTree system.

Other iGEM teams

Since several parts that we wanted to use was not in the iGEM kit plates, we asked iGEM teams to send us some parts :
Thanks to the iGEM Warsaw team, especially Radoslaw Stachowiak, for sending us the biobricks BBa_K780000, BBa_K780001, BBa_K780002 and BBa_K780003.
Thanks to the iGEM Utah State team, especially Charles Miller, for sending us the biobrick BBa_K1162001.
Thanks to the iGEM Munich team, especially Jara Radek, for sending us the biobrick BBa_K823021, BBa_K823022 and BBa_K823023

Lab support

Thanks to Sylvie Cancel and Yves Dutruy, lab technicians, for helping us when we did not know where to find Yeast Extract or how to use the new refrigerated centrifuge.
They were with us as soon as we began the manipulations and they answer to all our stupid questions.
To finish, thanks to Fabien Albert, storeman of the LISBP, for his sympathy and his availability.


As our project was very regional, a lot of different regional newspapers were interested in it.
In this part, we would like to thank all the journalists that came to meet us :
- Hélène Ménal for her article into the newspaper 20Minutes
- Philippe Font for his article into the newspaper Metronews
- Bernard Davodeau for his article into the newspaper LaDépêche
- Delphine Russeil for her article into the newspaper La Voix du Midi
- Angélique Mangon and Jack Levé for their television report on the channel France 3 Midi-Pyrénées
- Philip for his article about the French iGEM teams on the website
- Olivier Schlama for his article into the newspaper Midi Libre
- Virginie Brancotte for her article into the newspaper Fluvial


We thank Vincent Grégoire-Delory, responsible of the ethics platform at TWB, for coming to our lab and share his huge knowledge with us around a good bottle of wine and pizzas. He suggested us several points to consider and to deepen.

Web design

Thanks to the web designer Adrien Nicod for accepting to work with us and being patient with the remarks that each team member was saying !
We are very proud of our logo and our wiki design, very professional but also modern and nice.


We thank the INSA Toulouse Communication Department for giving us INSA Toulouse goodies.

Special thanks

We warmly thank Didier Combes, Pierre Monsan and Nicolas Combébiac for their support and their efficiency face to our administrative problems.
A special thank to Gilbert Chauvel for his interest into our project, his support, and his intervention with the Ministry.
A special thank to Matthieu Arlat for giving us a lot of good advice, helping us with the sponsoring part and his enthusiasm.
To finish, thanks to the God of synthetic biology for giving us such results!


We would like to thank the INSA de Toulouse for hosting us during the whole summer.


And finally, we thank... us. For being in the lab all the summer, for our devotion to the plane trees, for the perseverance in the bad days and for put up each other.
Therefore thanks to all the team for this wonderful and exciting project !
We would like to thank also our mums and dads because without them we would not be there thus the project would not have been done ! And also the mum and dad of our mums and dads and the mum and dad of the mum and dad of our mums and dads and ... you should get it!