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iGEM Sumbawagen 2014 · Econey

Human Practice Overview

Our human practice is an introduction of synthetic biology and our project to the society. We aim to introduce our project, ECONEY and find out how much the benefit of our project if applied in the society. Since our project working with honey, we want to find out the understanding of people in Sumbawa about Sumbawa honey by giving the questionnaire and directly involved with the society. We divide our team into small team and explore some Sumbawa regions that produce honey to find respondent based on the target. Our target respondent is focus on Sumbawa people who work as the producer, distributor, and consumer of Sumbawa honey.

We ask for suggestions from the society and several organizations such as Network Sumbawa Forest Honey. Discussions with the society and organizations who are experts make us become more understand of the society needed. We also got very useful input for the sustainability of our projects.

Through this activity, people's understanding of Sumbawa honey is also increasing. We introduce to the public some information about Sumbawa honey such as how to distinguish between genuine and fake honey, a tool used to measure the levels of glucose in honey, until any product that can be produced made from honey. We hope this activity could expand the knowledge and society pride of Sumbawa honey. We also hope that our project will make people aware of the importance of maintaining the natural resource and pride of this region. When the awareness is growing, we believe the existence of honey as the pride of Sumbawa could be maintained.

Based on the survey’s results, majority of the respondents state that there is no device used to measure the concentration of glucose in honey and 91% of respondents stated that they want to use the application to measure the concentration of glucose in honey if the application exist. In addition, they explain that Sumbawa honey as one of the Sumbawa’s icons has became very popular in Indonesia, it is very important to maintain the existence of Sumbawa honey. According to National Standard of Indonesia, honey quality determined based on the quantity of glucose level in the honey. The honey control quality on farmer level was done based on the physical appearance which is not suitable with the industrial standard. Laboratory based on chemical analysis giving the best result measurement but either time or money consuming, it also gives difficulties for the farmer to use. We conclude that ECONEY project we were working on would be very helpful if applied in the society, especially for people who work as producer and distributor of Sumbawa honey. By calibrating the color of E Coli medium using android based mobile phone to measure the level of glucose in Sumbawa honey, ECONEY is expected to become a simple quality control for Sumbawa honey.

Figure 1. Sumbawagen Human Practice Presentation on May 2nd 2014