Super Dream Factory of Cellulase


We have made a super bacteria-Super Dream Factory of Cellulase.The factory has four parts. They are alkaline cellulase, Mdfa antiporter, kil   protein and ccdB suicide system.
To enhance the effects of decontamination in various fields, we use an alkaline cellulase as detergent additive. The alkaline cellulase gene was introduced into the Escherichia coli and the target enzyme can be highly produced with the help of Kil, which is one of the core elements of our project. What’s more, MdfA, a proton pump across the cell membrane, was added to transport the proton into the cytoplasma, and release Na+/K+ at the same time, resulting in cell survival in alkaline industry wastewaters as high as pH 9.5. Another highlight of our project is that we also added a ccdB suicide system to our e-machine, by this we could remove the biological machine whenever we need for biological safety.

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