An EASY Biobrick Blueprint's pacKage

Difficulties in finding biobricks in need and in interpreting bio-systems presented in different styles remain to be two main problems in synthetic biology. Our team has created "Easy BBK" to help users get neat information and evaluation of specific biobricks quickly and to display their bio-system easily. Users can input keywords of the biobrick they are interested in, and select special requirements of certain properties, and related biobricks will be searched, sorted and displayed. A score will be computed for each biobrick, based on the current status, reliability, feedbacks of users, number of publication and etc. Additionally, users could draw their bio-system easily with the standardized biobrick icons, and they can also look into the detailed information about the biobricks in the bio-system. Finally, new biobricks can be uploaded directly and automatically to Registry of Standard Biological Parts through our ‘Easy BBK’ system.


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