Team:SCUT/HP/Magazine/iGEM Story 1


One iGEMer’s Monologue

If you ask me, will I be busy if I join the iGEM and prepare for competitions, I would say, you are more relaxed on weekdays.

You can make time to attend classes and do your homework in the daytime and you only need to do experiment at nights when you don’t have classes. Basically you don’t have a weekend. With winter and summer vacations together, you can rest for over half a month in total and the intensity of study and doing experiment is nothing less than graduate students……

Besides, I will add, “I’d like to. “after you’re shocked.

To fall in love with iGEM, you need to be absolutely single-minded. When I just became a sophomore, in order to get closer to science, I gave up the chance of keeping on working in the Public Relations Department of BBT. Later I meet iGEM by chance, so I quit my job of Judge Committee in the Red Cross in our school and as for the student work, I only stay in the Party Branch of my major. Later practice proved my choice to be correct, and necessary—in order to accomplish the task of iGEM better, I must make time for it from other affairs, and quitting other job is responsible for old colleagues.

I ‘ve lost my principle since I became a member of PR department. I believe many students who participate in students’ work have such feeling.

Indeed, a reasonably-configured team must consists of members of different personalities and values.Everyone’s experiences that haven’t been gone through by others and ideas that haven’t been heard by others can be shared or gossiped. New ideas will also appear in the process of working together and communication.

Even more important than thinking of your “principle”, however, is that everyone should bring their special skill into play to make contribution to the team, meanwhile refer to others to find your shortcomings and then improve them. I always believe teamwork is a process of mutual benefits and winning—theoretical knowledge and communication on technique help us make progress together, and are good for promotion of the project. Besides, in the process of design and realizing the project, we learn what we need to learn, so our ability of self-learning naturally improved. Practicing by ourselves lets us know the use of the knowledge obtained during the course, and we learn with more concentration. In small aspect, we improve each other, and in big aspect we achieve “combination of industry and research”. In short, I become better from head to foot after joining the iGEM.

Lastly, I would like to tell my friends “grasp the opportunity; seize the moment”.