Visiting University of

Electronic Science and Technology

of China (UESTC)

The goal of this Visiting

The goal of this Visiting Through this visiting, we want to promote the communication and friendship between our team and the team of UESTC. In the meanwhile, we plan to discuss some problems that we meet in the experiments to find a better way to solving them.

What we have done

In this visiting, the leader of the team of UESTC 2014 introduced us their project and laboratory. Specifically, as for their project, they plan to construct a transgenic plant (they use tobacco as their model plant) by Agrobacteriumtumefaciens which could absorb formaldehyde in the environment. More specifically, they find a metabolism pathway of formaldehyde in bacterium and they want to transfer this gene into tobacco to solve the problem of excessing formaldehyde in soil. About their laboratory, they showed us where they work everyday especially their plant culture room. Finally, we discussed some problems that they met in experiments that the cycle of their experiment is too long and all of us thought they should scale up their experiment to prevent wasting too much time.

What we harvested

Through this visiting, we become familiar with other team’s project and we have a more tight relationship. So maybe we could have more cooperation in the future.

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