Presentation at

Seventh Senior High School

The Goal of this presentation

As we thought, through this presentation, we could impart some fundamentally knowledge of synthetic biology to the high school students and make them feel familiar with the IGEM Competition. Also, we want to make a brief introduction of good examples of excellent project to attract more excellent students to join the team of IGEM and synthetic biology. To make sure our preliminary goal of this presentation, we choose one of the most famous senior High Schools in China—the Seventh Senior High School.

What we have done in this presentation

In the very beginning of this presentation, our team members introduced “what’s the synthetic biology” and “how is it going” to high school students. And then, we spent quiet a lot of time to tell them “the origin and progress of the IGEM Competition” and some good projects (the project of university of Washington in 2010; /////)which got the golden medal. Finally, we made a brief introduction of what we have done in last year.

The achievement of this presentation

Honestly speaking, we got a great success in this presentation. In detail, first, we make more students become familiar with synthetic biology and IGEM Competition. And what makes us surprise is that they showed a great interest in the synthetic biology and some of the high school students plan to join us to participate in the college competition. In addition, some of them are trying to contact the headmaster to join the competition of high school level. Secondly, when we shared some good examples to them, they asked a whole lot of inspired questions. Some of the questions even could apply in our project.

Sichuan university